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Our team of storytellers has over 10 years of experience in content creation and strategy.
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Katia Senff

Chief Strategist, Head Writer

Katia is passionate about creating professional, personable content. She has overseen the production of thousands of pieces of written works, including press releases, blog articles, short stories, and digital marketing copy. Her expert editorial eye ensures our clients are represented by unique high-quality work.


Thomas Wenig

Editor-in-Chief, Head Writer

Thomas is an award-winning writer and editing professional with both fiction and non-fiction experience.  His recent works include contributions to top science publications, including the American Heart Association.  His popular children's series, “Zombie Elementary”, has been read over 7 million times.  



“Katia is a remarkable talent and a brilliant creative mind.”

"Tom is a talented writer with a breadth of editorial knowledge."

“Katia is incredibly resourceful and creative, thinking from a strategic level to streamline workflow and production.”

"Tom's high-quality work always exceeds standards. "

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